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International Student Program

Immanuel Schools’ mission is, “to equip students to serve God and neighbor, through mind, body and soul, based on a Christ-centered foundation.”

Immanuel Schools’ International Student Program extends the opportunity for an outstanding Christian education to students across the globe, regardless of their economic status. Immanuel Schools is committed to Christian formation, academic excellence, student support, and providing opportunities in co-curricular areas. As we invest in our students’ lives, we know our community will also benefit from the diversity and richness different cultures bring. Our mission is to build a Christ-centered foundation for all students attending Immanuel Schools, equipping them to serve God and others with their lives.

- Students must be in alignment with Immanuel’s mission and vision. 
- Students agree to abide by the rules set out in the student handbooks regarding conduct. 
- Students must have academic capacity and be able to graduate on time.
- Students must graduate before they turn 20 years of age.
- International students will live with an approved host family or in Immanuel dormitory housing. 
- Students are expected to be actively engaged with their host family and in the community.
- Students must have functional English proficiency. ESL is not available.
- Our “Stand in the Gap” flex rate tuition program is available for all applicants.
- All applicants needing financial assistance must apply through the FACTS system.
- Students are asked to be involved in 2 programs on campus and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

International students will have an additional “International Student Fee” applied which includes room & board (host family or dormitory), transportation, and health insurance. Please contact the admissions department for details.

Amy Henderson
Director of Admissions and Marketing

Tevita Lalahi
International Program Director